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Business Central has changed the dynamics of customised developments. The recent update has opened new gates of creativity for experts. AL is a coding language for the same, which allows customisation as a new extension, without hampering the existing codes. With AL, Dynamics Business Central extension development becomes an easier and simpler job. ClearCutIT is a platform which helps you with creating the right applications and websites for your business needs.

In a Dynamics 365 Business Central model, AL comes to use for modification and management of the records. It includes inserting, retrieving and manipulating data as per the business operations and requirements. It secures the database to store data according to the client’s usage of data. You can easily shift data from one object to another, or blend various data to produce a particular record.

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With the extension V2.0, the flexibility of data operations has increased. You can easily develop applications, as the usage of variables has now enhanced. In addition, it has introduced a number of new variables, including JsonObject and such.


Security and Access

You can maintain the security of your data, even when people have access to it. By writing your code in a codeunit rather than on the object of operation directly, you allow it to be protected. This means that users cannot modify your data. They will just run the codeunit for the required information, without being a threat to your data’s security.


Dot NET Requirements

AL provides you with a library where you can access all the necessary .NET files for your requirements. It prevents the need to access outside sources for .NET types. These variables are available as a database for easy access and application.

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Your brand needs a reliable and trusted Business Central development company to flourish in the market. With ClearCutIT, you can expand your firm in the global market and increase customer engagement. In the digital era, users love companies which have a unique approach towards their business operations. Our team of experienced NAV developers will help you with cutting-edge Business Central AL development solutions to establish your unique image in the market.

We believe in delivering quality services. Our working approach is to personally assist each of our customers, which leads to client-satisfaction. ClearCutIT is not just a Business Central Development company, but a promise to help startups and valuable brands grow and flourish globally. Our efficient team works day in and out to assist you in every possible manner.

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Why to choose ClearCutIT for your

Business Central AL Development

We believe in your brand, and this is why we want to help you with the technical part. Our NAV developers have hands-on experience for Dynamics Business Central extension development.

There are a number of elements provided by AL to help you create a sustainable and reliable application for your business. Business Central AL development allows you to choose from a wide range of options, which can be customised and modified to work with your firm’s operations and activities. Some of these elements are listed below :

  • Modify page objects
  • Create/Modify table extensions
  • Create profile & report objects
  • Receive an overview regarding properties